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A tool for finding out why the documents are where they are in the results list.

Result: w13nb791

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Info Current query: indent=true&fq=["(((AG_string:92404032O237460)) OR ((brand_string:CHL OR brand_string:DAY OR brand_string:DAC OR brand_string:GAR OR brand_string:HAD OR brand_string:LED OR brand_string:LIG OR brand_string:LIC OR brand_string:LUM OR brand_string:OPT OR brand_string:PHL OR brand_string:STO OR brand_string:FRC OR brand_string:DYN) AND (productCodeType_string:LUC OR productCodeType_string:LUM)) OR ((brand_string:PHL) AND (productCodeType_string:LAM)))", "(catalogId:\"US01_02ProductCatalog\" AND catalogVersion:\"Online\")"]&wt=xml&debugQuery=true&_=1497619120521

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